Scuba diver reaches towards a majestic manta ray underwater.

The Best Deep Sea Diving Destinations in the Mediterranean

A country of immense cultural heritage and an extremely popular vacation spot for both European tourists and travelers from the US, Turkey makes for an ideal scuba diving destination. With ancient ship wreck sites strewn all over the Turkish coastal area and rich remains of Roman, Greek and Turkish architecture dotting the coastal areas, scuba diving in Turkey gives diving enthusiasts a peep into the country’s long, colorful past. Turkey has been a favorite of scuba divers since the early 20th century. The country’s warm water temperature and crystal clear water makes it a prime location for swimming and scuba diving. Some of Turkey’s most popular diving spots are:

Bodrum (Bodrum Peninsula): Located on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Bodrum is a small, yet beautiful resort town that is popular among European tourists. A scuba diving trip here will give you plenty to see and do. You can explore the historic ruins of this small seaport town, which were largely destroyed during World War II. A very popular bathing place, the aptly named Blue Hole is also very popular with families as they offer a wide array of swimming experiences.

Istanbul (ippersmith): This city is one of Turkey’s most visited cities and boasts some of its finest diving sites in the world. It is home to plenty of wrecks and shipwrecks that will capture your imagination and let you see what life was like millions of years ago. Istanbul offers ample opportunities for snorkeling as well, with hundreds of beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish to explore. A good number of dive shops and resorts also line the coast, making it easy for tourists to explore these sites.

Mecidra: This diving site is a relatively new entrant into the diving community and makes use of modern technology to allow scuba divers to explore the underwater environment. The waters are filled with sea life including lots of turtles, lobsters and other interesting crustaceans. You can also find a good deal of turtles here. The waters are home to a large variety of turtles including the leather back turtle, which can grow up to 6 feet long.

Doveside Turkey: One of the best known destinations for deep sea divers in Turkey is Doveside Turkey, a popular open-air museum located on the Black Sea coast. Doveside Turkey offers excellent scuba diving experiences in a variety of waters including the Dead Sea and the Turkish Black Sea. Doveside Turkey also offers a good variety of dives sites including wrecks such as the Vimy Island and the English Harbour. For those who prefer to stay close to land, there are plenty of day cruises to choose from. Doveside Turkey is a great destination if you are looking for a relaxing scuba diving holiday.

Kos: Kos is another popular dive hot spot in Southern Greece. There are many wreck sites here like the ancient wreck of the cruiser Agamemnon, and the sunken cruise ship Prince Ymir. A variety of marine animals can also be seen in the Kos region including sea lions, dolphins, porpoises and more. If you are interested in wreck diving, the wreck of the Agamemnon can be visited by tourists on a regular basis.